Business Process Management (BPM)

4 days

Course description

Starting from the top leader in the organization, through the staff to lowest labor level, everyone is depending on processes to perform their tasks and duties on daily basis. And process chain sometimes goes from the top of the organization to the bottom to complete the value that is required from that process.

To be able to perform the process successfully, it is important to design the process in a very structured way. We also have to ask the following questions:

  • Why we cannot reduce our costs?
  • Why do we still have errors in our outputs despite the training that we provide to our employees?
  • Why we still have complaints from our customers after all these years of experience in the business?
  • Do our processes serves the implementation of our strategy?
  • When do we know that processes are success or not?
  • Do we get the best out of the implementation of these processes?
  • Can we know if the resources that are implementing the processes are really the best for the job?
  • How can we determine the gap that should be fulfilled to recover from the pains that we are suffering from?

Course level: Midium

People should attend this course are:

  • CEOs
  • Executive managers
  • Department managers
  • Government agencies leaders
  • Planning and development managers
  • Project managers
  • Management consultants
  • Business process managers

Learn how to:

  • Assess BPM in your organization
  • Determine BPM requirements
  • Build process infrastructure
  • HR alignment with processes
  • Strategy alignment with processes
  • Improve your processes to save time and reduce costs
  • Transfer the organization to be “a process based organization”
  • Process design and modeling
  • Continual improvement of processes



  • About Business Process Management
  • Process Management concept
  • Processes in daily life
  • Enterprise Process Architecture
  • Process organization
  • Process modeling
  • Process analysis
  • Process design
  • Process implementation
  • Process transition
  • Process performance management
  • Process performance transformation
  • BPM technologies
  • Process implementation obstacles and risks