MITECS provides end-to-end Enterprise Architecture solutions, right from Strategy/Planning, mentoring, training to the implementation.

Enterprise architecture is one of the most powerful management tools used by progressive organizations. As a perfect vehicle for making multi-year technology changes, enterprise architecture enables the ongoing alignment of business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions

MG Enterprise Architecture Framework

MITECS executes the Enterprise Architecture at the client organization with full or partial responsibility. This engagement is usually followed by mentoring services. The implementation starts by setting up the Enterprise Architecture program if it does not exist at the client’s organization or restructure the existing Enterprise Architecture program if it already exists by understanding the current environment of the client’s organization.

MG defines the Enterprise Architecture end-to-end and executes the whole program. MG clearly articulated the ROI of implementation of Enterprise Architecture by demonstrating the value not only in the long run but also articulating short term pay-offs.

Enterprise Architecture Services

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development
  • Enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models
  • Enterprise Architecture Definition, Roadmap and Methodology
  • Enterprise Architecture Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Review and Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture Training

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