The task of putting on a successful conference can be a daunting one! Organizing speakers, materials and food service can give pause to even the best planners. Add to that the need to keep everyone safe and you have a huge challenge. Whether you are putting together a training seminar, a business-to-business conference or a meeting of people who enjoy the same hobby, security is of the utmost importance! With all of the security issues that you must deal with at your conference, you certainly don’t need uninvited and unwanted guests wandering around the facility.


The study materials have been chosen. You have great trainers lined up to lead your sessions and the venue has been reserved. You’ve worked hard to put together the perfect workshop! But your work has just begun. You are inviting colleagues from around the world to attend this amazing event. How do you go about registering so many people while keeping it organized and pain free?


Members, staff, colleagues and friends are all gathering from around the world to attend a meeting. It is time for serious business but it is also a time of great fun. New contacts are being made and old contacts are getting reacquainted and calm is not the order of the day. Meetings can be hard to keep organized.


Register and badge attendees and exhibitors at trade shows. Trade shows and conventions are great fun, but they’re far from easy to manage. The huge numbers of people and the energy can make it difficult to keep things organized.


Register trainees, issue badges and track attendance at corporate training events.