Eng. Muhannad Sraihiny

Eng. Muhannad Sraihiny

IFMA/FMP, AFM, C3, CAFM Consultant

Becoming a consultant in CAFM and CMMS solutions was a result of the long commitment and the success of many projects he completely managed. His experience varies from public sectors’ projects like MoD, MoH, ECRA and MoWE. In addition to semi-government establishments and many private sectors ranging from Fashion & Retail, Pharmacies, Shopping Malls, Housing Compounds to Industrial Factories and Hotels.

Nevertheless, Muhannad is a certified facility manager by international organizations such as IFMA and MEFMA. His experience covers all aspects of Facility Managements and Maintenance and Operation procedures and activities.

Gathering previous experiences with his programming and system analysis skills, he reviewed and analyzed the different versions of contracts between the MoH and the contractors to create a complete contract management system by leading a team of expert developers.

With a visionary mind and his eager to uniqueness, he could always find the new trends in technology and adapt them to meet the upcoming needs in the market.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Facility Management Foundation 1 Weeks 28 August,2023
Maintenance Management (CMMS) 2 Days 23 August,2023
CMMS Training 1 Weeks 24 September,2023
CMMS Training 2 Weeks 19 August,2023