Dr. Jameel Daghestani

Dr. Jameel Daghestani

Jameel is a co-founder and managing partner in mitecs group®, he has contributed in establishing more than 30 companies, all are working till now, and he managed tens of successful big projects, in addition to 100 or more of small projects, with total budgets of $ 1.2 billion.

Through this period Jameel has prepared many new professional training materials, in business analysis, project management, management skills and strategy management.

Also he has invented a decision management accelerating system “DMAS” a unique web-service, a competency-based-evaluation and business intelligence application, it serves talent management projects. And he has submitted many presentations and lectures in professional development and business analysis and development. The famous one that had been submitted on the hall of Council of Saudi Chambers in 2009 about the future direction of business analysis.

Jameel in parallel to his career progression, he has studied economy science, advertising engineering and business administration, systems engineering and management information systems, project management, and finally organizational development.

Jameel has an effective contribution in social services through early joining to the international institute of business analysis “IIBA” in 2007, co-founding the IIBA-Riyadh chapter and accepting the responsibility to be the VP of certification, in addition to his efforts in delivering the awareness to the labor market about the business analysis framework and its role in mitigating the failing risks in development projects


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Business Analysis Principals 1 Weeks 7 August,2022
Business Analysis Principals 1 Weeks 29 May,2022
CBAP® – CCBA® Exam Prep. 2 Days 12 April,2022
Business Analysis Principals 1 Weeks 20 March,2022
Business Analysis Principles 1 Weeks 21 February,2022
Business Analysis Principals 1 Weeks 6 December,2022
Business Analysis Principals 1 Weeks 22 November,2022
CBAP® – CCBA® Exam Prep. 2 Days 3 November,2022
Business Analysis Principals Copy 1 Weeks 13 September,2022