Strategy Planning using Balanced Scorecard

3 Days
21 CDUs




Course description

Balanced scorecard is one of the most effective tools for strategy planning and management. Strategy is not just about preparing a strategy plan, it is about making the strategy embedded in all activities in the organization. It is about making all human resources eager to achieve the vision and the success that the strategy describes.

In addition to the planning, it is important to link the strategy to the daily activities that human resources perform on a daily basis, this course will provide the leaders the methodology that will make their decisions applied among all employees in the organization.

This course will defer between making a strategy for government, non profit and profit organization.

Course level: high

People should attend this course are:

  • CEOs
  • Executive managers
  • Government agencies leaders
  • Planning and development managers
  • Project managers
  • Management consultants

Learn how to:

  • Plan for the organization
  • Planning for the strategy
  • Create the strategy team
  • Design your strategy plan
  • Create the balanced Scorecard
  • Design the value chain for the organization
  • Setting the strategic results, goals and measures
  • Linking the strategy to the process architecture
  • The organizational excellence model
  • Communicating the strategy
  • Cascade the strategy

Course contents

  • Introduction strategy and Balanced Scorecard
  • Planning for the strategy
  • Developing the strategy
  • Balanced scorecard as strategy management tool
  • Balanced scorecard as a performance management tool
  • Effectiveness maximization of balanced scorecard
  • Key performance indicators.
  • Strategy and organizational chart
  • Strategy cascading
  • Linking strategy to operation
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Strategy reporting and management
  • Critical success factors for successful strategy implementation
  • Marketing and communicating the strategy